Corporate Branded Folders

Promotional gifts that are branded with your logo or company name are sure to make a great impression on the recipients. By creating a favourable impression in a contact's mind and associating your company with the positive qualities of the gift received, you are able to educate and engage at the same time. We offer a wide range of promotional gifts, allowing you to find the perfect gifts for your specific purposes.

Signature Gifts offers a range of branding options for Corporate Folders including pad printing, screen printing and embossing.
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Windsor Impressions
A4 Folder

Stripez A4
Corporate Folder

Obsidian A4 Folder
Okiyo Mitai Cork A4 Folder
Yale A4 Zip-Around Folder
Pedova A4 Folder
Benchmark A5 Zip-Around Folder
Windsor Impressions A4 Zip-Around Folder
Tribeca A4 Folder
Okiyo Meccha Cork A4 Zip-Around Folder
Moda A4 Folder
Onyx Zip-Around Tech Folder
Benchmark A4 Zip-Around Folder
Aristocrat A4 Zip-Around Folder
Oakridge A4 Zip-Around Folder
Baltimore A4 Folder
Eastbrook A4 Zip-Around Folder
Ashburton Zip-Around Folder
Obsidian A4 Zip-Around Folder
Alex Varga Franklin Folder
Obsidian A4 Zip-Around Drop-Handle Folder
Ashburton USB A5 Hard Cover Notebook 8GB
Lichee Executive Folio
600D A4 Folder with Inner Pocket

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