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Promotional gifts that are branded with your logo or company name are sure to make a great impression on the recipients. By creating a favourable impression in a contact's mind and associating your company with the positive qualities of the gift received, you are able to educate and engage at the same time. We offer a wide range of promotional gifts, allowing you to find the perfect gifts for your specific purposes.

Signature Gifts offers custom branding on all Promotional Gifts & Expo Giveaway Products with your company name or logo.
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Fitwise Silicone Kids Wristband
Coil Ring Grip & Phone Stand
Dakota RFID Phone Card Holder
Razzle Dazzle Phone Card Holder
Persona Highlighter
Brainiac Wooden Pencil>
Chico Ball Pen
Trinity Ball Pen
Tootwenny Twist Ball Pen
Vermont Ball Pen
Paparazzi Ball Pen
Metronome Ball Pen
Sickle Ball Pen
Electra Ball Pen
Nova Neck Ball Pen
Deuce Raven Ball Pen
Triumph Ball Pen
Magnum Ball Pen
Seminar Neck Pen
Cort Earphones
Vega Ball Pen
Hamptons Slim Stylus Ball Pen
Prism Desk Ball Pen
Fizz Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener
Terrace Bottle Opener
Corey Cork Coaster
Freedom Frisbee
Yomega Yo-Yo
Boardwalk Microfibre Sunglasses Pouch
Aria Eye Mask
Jolly Mints Ball
Clic-Clac Mints
Sweet-Tooth Mints
Slider Mints
Chill-Out Stress Ball
Smile Stress Ball
Tahiti Sunglasses
Seaview Sunglasses
Kooshty Nature One Sunglasses
Bubble Poncho
Cooper Plush Toy
Cuddles Plush Toy
Eddie Plush Toy
Rocky Plush Toy
Nu-Toonz Earbuds
Poprock Earbuds
Rhapsody Lanyard
Westwing Card Holder
Southwing Card Holder
Snap Hook Clip Single-Sided Sublimation Satin Lanyard
Bold Statement Lanyard (Single-Sided)
Candystripe Lanyard
Snappy Bottle Opener Keyholder
All-Squared Keyholder
Sheen Keyholder
Cimak Keyring Anti-contact
Lireo Antistress Keyring
Yip Keyring
Go Backpack
Cocoon Memory Stick Stand
Axis Dome Memory Stick - 16GB
Axis Glint Memory Stick - 16GB
Axis Dome Memory Stick - 4GB
Axis Gyro Black Memory Stick - 4GB
Axis Gyro White Memory Stick - 4GB
Axis Glint Memory Stick - 4GB
Axis Dome Memory Stick - 8GB
Axis Gyro Memory Stick - 8GB
Axis Glint Memory Stick
Axis Gyro Memory Stick - 16GB
Atlanta Flash Drive Keyholder - 8GB
Picasso Card Memory Stick
Shuffle Dome Memory Stick – 8GB
Hi-Vis Construction
Conti Suit

Shuffle Glint Memory Stick – 8GB
Oakridge Memory Stick - 8GB
Axis Dome Memory Stick - 32GB
Axis Gyro Black Memory Stick - 32GB
Axis Gyro White Memory Stick - 32GB
Axis Glint Memory Stick - 32GB
Keydata Memory Stick - 8GB
Keyed-In Flash Drive Keyholder - 8GB
Okiyo Bakemono Bamboo Flash Drive - 32GB
Okiyo Sempai Bamboo Flash Drive - 16GB
Okiyo Bishounen Cork Flash Drive - 16GB
Okiyo Shimasu Bamboo Memory Stick
Shuffle Dome Memory Stick - 32GB
Shuffle Gyro Black Memory Stick - 32GB
Shuffle Glint Memory Stick - 32GB
Neuron Memory Stick - 8GB
Renaissance Memory Stick - 8GB
8GB Swivel USB Drive
4GB Swivel USB Drive
Bg Rush Bluetooth Headset
Braiss Bluetooth Speaker

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